Sunday Starwars

Session 2
The worm Turns

Opening Crawl

Sentenced to a life time of hard labor for their crimes against the Empire the Heroes’ sentences were cut short with the help of a duros prisoner named Kai. With the aid of an ionic scrambler in his cardio regulator the heroes frantically stormed the ship and made a hyperspace jump to the planet of Tatooine.
Though the guards all survived the battle none of them reached tatooine thanks to the efforts of a hardline imperial officer and his concealed holdout pistol.
Soon after arriving on Tatooine Kai hears of a derelict ship that may contain the item needed to become square with the huts and regain his old life back. His fellow fugitives volunteer to help and are soon making preparations to investigate the Trade federation frigate named the Spaceworm.

Imperial Propiganda

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Opening Crawl

With the increasing resistance from the so called “Galactic Rebellion” the Empire has begun instituting cost cutting measures to enhance it’s already ample military presence. Their new deal with Kuat industries lead to the mass migration of prisoners to forced labor camps turning a burden on the government into free labor.
Seeing the mass transport of prisoners as an opportunity to strike back at the empire, the rebellion instituted a plan. By blackmailing Kai a Doros with a rare heart condition, the Rebellion planted an ion bomb into his cardio regulator and had him arrested. Our story begins with Kai and three other prisoners boarding a vessel departing from the imperial holding facility on pandemic 9 to a life of indentured servitude.

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